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Functional Architecture of the Human Brain

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Leveraging multi-scale neuroscience approaches to understand the genetic and brain bases of individual differences in affect and cognition, exploring disturbances in network organization across a range of psychiatric illnesses.

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The Holmes Lab is part of the Rutgers University Department of Psychiatry, and Brain Health Institute. Our laboratory is located in the Center for Advanced Human Brain Imaging Research.

Functional Architecture of the Human Brain

The human brain is a complex web of interdigitated networks. Substantial progress has been made delineating the structure and function of aspects of this intricate architecture through post-mortem dissections in humans and invasive tract tracing and lesion studies in animals… READ MORE…

Genetic and Brain Bases of Human Variation

Identical experiences can produce drastically different behavioral and emotional responses across time, space and person. While these responses arise in a seemingly effortless manner, the ease with which they are experienced masks the intricate neural circuitry supporting their expression and regulation… READ MORE…

Neurobiological Markers of Psychiatric Illness

The brain’s exquisite complexity allows for the staggering diversity of human behavior. However, the evolutionary forces that enabled complex cognitive functions have also pushed our capabilities to their limits, increasing vulnerability for psychiatric illness. Using our understanding of the genetic and brain bases of individual differences in behavior as a foundation, we are exploring links between disturbances in network organization and clinical presentation in patient populations. Recent work from our group focused on the manner in which functional connectivity and network coherence is altered….  READ MORE…